One month deep into 2019, fitness industry trends are heating up as gym goers grind through achieving their goals for the year. Between advancing trends we’ve seen in the past and revolutionizing technology, this industry is ripe with opportunity for both consumers and gym owners. Here are the top trends for 2019 and how Core Health and Fitness can help you stay on trend and on track with your resolutions.

#1 – Wearables

Wearable technology has been increasing in popularity for several years. Between Garmin, FitBit, and Apple products, there are many options to choose from. Chances are, someone you know has an Apple Watch. The world’s most innovative technology giant has once again produced a fitness-forward product built into the wearable technology with the creation of Apple GymKit. GymKit allows cardio enthusiasts to tap directly into the machine’s metrics and share information with Apple Watch, minimizing the variability between data produced from your treadmill or elliptical and your heart rate. Core Health & Fitness is going one step further with its tracking capabilities by partnering with Apple in releasing GymKit to its main floor cardio options, including the 8-TRx Treadmill from the best brand for tracking, Star Trac, and grueling StairMaster Gauntlet.

#2 – Group Training

Training with a group can make a hard workout fly by and add an element of fun www.s9sj.cnpetition to your normal fitness routine. Schwinn and StairMaster both offer www.s9sj.cnprehensive group training solutions that fit any facility’s need with cycling certification available in-person and online, and HIIT program training for your gym. Both programs deliver the science and programming methodology needed to deliver safe, efficient, and results-based programs to clients, and are backed by Core Health & Fitness’ experienced team of Master Instructors who travel the globe educating and motivating fitness enthusiasts.

#3 – HIIT

Nobody has the time to spend two hours in the gym, and that’s where HIIT offers a solution to the age-old problem of coordinating your fitness routine with the rest of your life. StairMaster is the HOME OF HIIT. With a full line of product to meet the needs of a facility aiming to put its clients through grueling high-intensity workouts, StairMaster’s HIIT programming pushes users to their limits by incorporating functional fitness elements directly into equipment, such as with the HIIT Bike, HIIT UBE, and HIIT Rower’s ergometric technology and the HIITMill X’s farmer’s carry. There is no fitness brand more equipped to push gym goers past their limits into results-driven workouts that build confidence and save time.

#4 – Older Adults

Older generations are catching on to fitness trends themselves. There is a growing league of aging adults focused on staying fit and healthy, and their needs can be very different from the general gym population. Nautilus, the Most Trusted Name In Strength, is fully equipped to offer solutions for the older market with one pound and one kilogram weight increments available on Nautilus One equipment, an optimized strength curve for maximum muscle activation and tension, making all lifts efficient.

The StairMaster BoxMaster has been used in global studies on Parkinson’s disease and has helped provide relief for Parkinson’s sufferers from tremors and weakness, promoting longevity and wellness. Boxing appears to be neuro-protective, slowing Parkinson’s Disease progression, and the BoxMaster’s fixed, numbered focus mitts help PD sufferers put together varied www.s9sj.cnbinations, making exercise enjoyable and productive.

#5 – Certification

Now, more than ever, fitness enthusiasts want to be educated in their sport of choice. Bewww.s9sj.cning certified in their field allows consumers to feel confident working out on their own and maximizing their results. Schwinn offers online training and certification for cycling aficionados of all levels, making it easy to learn the most important tools in cycling from the www.s9sj.cnfort of your own home. Is there a better option? We don’t think so.

#6 – Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness gained popularity almost instantaneously with the rise of CrossFit, but this category goes beyond kettlebell swings and thrusters. Functional Fitness is about being able to move freely in every day life by training for success in areas like balance, coordination, power, strength, and range of motion[1], and Nautilus’ line of HumanSport equipment allows all generations of fitness enthusiast to conquer these elements. HumanSport’s simple, intuitive design allows users to train the extremities and their core with cable technology that keeps resistance and tensions consistent with the optimized strength curve Nautilus is known for. The result is a total body workout capable of sculpting physiques and developing functional strength.

As in years’ past, there is a fitness trend for everyone in 2019, and Core Health & Fitness meets and exceeds the needs of consumers and gym owners once again with its products, certification, programming, and brands. By partnering with Core Health & Fitness, facilities are preparing themselves to meet the needs of any and all gym goers who walk through their doors.

Revolutionary new cardio technology from Star Trac, one-of-a-kind HIIT products and programming by StairMaster, strength equipment specifically designed for functional training from Nautilus, and cycling certification programs by Schwinn Indoor Cycling all www.s9sj.cne together under one roof to help gyms innovate and share their passion for fitness performance. Fortunately, that’s our mission too.

Want to capitalize on any of these trends in 2019? Contact your Core Representative today to find out how you can leverage these trend as new opportunities for your fitness facility.

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