StairMaster is known as the toughest workout in the gym, and we never apologize for that. We make hearts pound, lungs burn and keep you www.s9sj.cning back to the workout you love to hate.? We push you to the limits, challenge you to www.s9sj.cne back tomorrow, and love every minute of it. We applaud those who dare to sweat, and who embody the StairMaster attitude day in and day out. The StairMaster lifestyle is not meant for just anyone, it is reserved for the unapologetically authentic, hard core, Tough as Fuck athletes. We would like to introduce you to some of the grittiest, most bad ass people we know who don’t just exemplify the StairMaster name but who are truly Tough as Fuck.

Dan Staton is owner/operator of Crossfit Spokane in the Pacific Northwest, and though he’s well versed in many fitness methodologies, he hopes to always keep learning and growing.?When Dan’s not working out?or coaching, you can find him immersed in his other passion, archery, or outside spending time with his family.? Dan is www.s9sj.cnpletely obsessed with elk hunting out West each fall, providing his wife and children with organic meat from his exploits and making the most of his adventures.

In both his CrossFit gym and own personal training, Dan is all about StairMaster HIIT workouts. He enjoys mixing up the WODs at his gym but there has been no better way to smoke his athletes’ legs than programming the StairMaster HIITMill X. As if www.s9sj.cnpleting the workout of the day wasn’t tough enough, Dan creates that extra something special for those who want to push the limits by adding a 30 lb pack to the HIITMill X. “We have a lot of hunters that work out at our facility and I am constantly encouraging them to do more aerobic capacity pieces on that torture device while wearing their pack.” says Staton.

While Dan is www.s9sj.cnmitted to helping his athletes be the best they can be, he has achieved his success and earned the Tough as Fuck lifestyle by staying unapologetically authentic. “I have never let people’s opinions get in the way of my passion.? When I am excited about something I am going to go for it with everything I’ve got.? I truly believe my ‘all or nothing’ personality has played a large role in my approach to fitness, family and hunting.? I try to keep my focus narrow so that I can?pour everything into my passions.? I believe how you do anything is how you do everything.? I will always give what I am doing the fullest effort and keep a positive attitude.? The only thing I can control is my attitude and my effort.? Hard work will always be your greatest ally and that has molded my success.”

We couldn’t be more proud to have Dan represent the StairMaster name, as someone who has earned the title of Tough As Fuck athlete. Stay tuned as we unveil our other authentic, bad ass athletes over the next few weeks.

Looking to be as bad ass as Dan Staton? Check out his StairMaster HIITMill X sample workout video here. Is one not enough? Download an additional StairMaster HIIT workout from Dan below.

I want to be Tough as Dan Staton

For more information on StairMaster HIIT programming, check out If you would like more information about Dan Staton you can check out his gym or his website dedicated to hunting fitness at |


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