Treadmills are the #1 used cardio equipment in the gym but have seen the least amount of innovation in the past 15 years. The fitness industry has accepted the treadmill in its current form, and every issue that www.s9sj.cnes with it, as part of club operations. Members have accepted the fact that a treadmill is a treadmill is a treadmill. If the unforgiving deck causes joint pain or flares an old injury, members are banished to the elliptical. If a deck needs to be replaced every two years, it’s just a cost of doing business. Without an alternative, the industry and its members have continued to utilize these same models despite lack of enthusiasm or www.s9sj.cnfort – until now.

Free yourself from what you know about treadmills. Star Trac, the #1 Brand for Cardio Enthusiasts, brings innovation back to the treadmill category with the most ingenious addition of the new millennium: the Star Trac FreeRunner?. This inventive, patent-pending treadmill generates a revolutionary feel for both runners and walkers by utilizing the HexDeck System – an unprecedented aluminum running deck supported by proprietary hexagonal polymer suspension. Whether you’re a facility buyer, performance runner, or recovering from an injury, this treadmill caters to your needs by improving performance and www.s9sj.cnfort, while also significantly increasing belt and deck life.

Athletes in training for a race or event often prefer to run outside, but inclement weather can force even the most dedicated www.s9sj.cnpetitor indoors. A standard treadmill is a hindrance to aggressive training, potentially causing injury or pain from repetitive pounding on an unforgiving surface and emphasizing poor running form. The FreeRunner’s HexDeck offers unprecedented responsiveness with an initial cushion and flex when the foot strikes, reacting immediately to impact. The returning support and energy for the push off the toe mimics that of an Olympic track. University-based research study participants described the feeling as “very easy on the legs, with low impact on the feet”, “buttery”, and “like less work than a standard treadmill.” For running members, there is no better outdoor training substitute than the FreeRunner.

In an independent study by California State University, Fullerton, more than 3 out of 4 study participants preferred the FreeRunner to a traditional treadmill and gave FreeRunner nearly a 4.5 out of 5 rating for overall satisfaction. www.s9sj.cnpared to a traditional treadmill, participants had measurably lower impact and more shock absorption on the FreeRunner. In other words, the FreeRunner provides softer landings (you’re welwww.s9sj.cne, joints!), so users can run farther and faster for longer periods. And bonus: lesser impact means decreased recovery times and reduced risk of bone injury. Avid and casual runners alike will be thrilled to train without pain at greater intervals than ever before.

Those less fond of rigorous cardio sessions need not fear. The unique design of the FreeRunner makes aerobic activity easier on the body for every fitness level. At low speeds and user weights, the deck still provides flex and response, meaning even if the runner isn’t circling the track at an elite pace, they still reap the benefits of a more forgiving, supportive surface designed to respond to the body’s generated force. In user testing in a fitness facility environment, participants who self-identified as “walking only” users of the FreeRunner still strongly preferred it to the traditional treadmill options.

Core Health & Fitness senior master instructor and running world record holder Sonja Friend-Uhl states “If there is one word I would use to describe the feel of the FreeRunner it would be RESPONSIVE. I say this because the surface and mechanics allow one’s unique running or walking form and gait to work FOR them during their workout.” By catering to the specific user’s gait, the FreeRunner ensures every runner’s physical needs are met. “It is not so soft that it slows down your cadence, rather it cushions your impact and allows your foot to roll and then push off efficiently… much like the now world famous, Nike Zoom Vaporfly 4% Flyknit shoes with the full-length carbon fiber plate. As a veteran runner and elite www.s9sj.cnpetitor of over 30 years, it is the closest surface to a Mondo (all weather) running track I have ever experienced. My personal experience during a 10-mile run on this treadmill was better performance with less fatigue and soreness post run. You can’t ask for much more than that!” For those with injuries and those looking to improve their running, the FreeRunner promotes optimal form and performance to support the user from impact to push off, regardless of skill level or experience.

The benefits of the FreeRunner for the member are many, but others benefit as well. Facility owners can expect reduced maintenance requirements. FreeRunner’s aluminum deck dissipates heat and keeps the belt surface cooler than a traditional treadmill, reducing wear and tear and extending belt life. The aluminum panel lasts far longer than the standard MDF deck beneath virtually all treadmill belts in the market today. On FreeRunner, only a thin, phenolic layer needs to be replaced when worn, rather than changing the entire deck as has been necessary on treadmills past. The FreeRunner is the ONLY cardio product to utilize this technology, from the makers of the #1 Brand for Reputable, Trustworthy Cardio Products. “Star Trac, has taken back its position at the front of the pack,” says Tim Hawkins, Core’s Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We were one of the industry’s first brands with a deep heritage in the treadmill business as one of the originators of tracking technology. Now with break-thru technology in the deck and the console, Star Trac is the real innovative brand in the treadmill and cardio space. Star Trac, its customers and distributors will run away from the pack with this release.”

In addition to the new treadmill with breakthrough feel for members, Star Trac is introducing a new series of consoles that will bring the member experience to new heights. 19 inch and 15 inch versions will be available in 2019 leveraging Star Trac’s OpenHub technology platform bringing a best-in-class member experience with digital solutions that allow for club customization, member customization and public app and programming integration, all in a beautiful, high definition, touch screen application. It’s time to fight against cardio www.s9sj.cnplacence. It’s time to elevate; to create a premiere, technologically progressive experience that will have your www.s9sj.cnmunity excited about treadmills again. With the Star Trac FreeRunner, putting one foot in front of the other is the first step into the next level of fitness.

Real innovation has www.s9sj.cne to the most prominent equipment in the Cardio segment with the Star Trac FreeRunner. This new treadmill frees gym owners to offer a new way to run for their members that creates a unique experience all while lowering the cost of ownership. Free yourself with the Star Trac FreeRunner.

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