HIIT has been showing up everywhere these days, in news, social media, advertising and pretty much anywhere else fitness is discussed. This new fitness buzz word stands for High Intensity Interval Training. It is a fun, fast, and effective way to workout. Members have been drawn to adding a HIIT program in their workout routine because it provides results. Traditional HIIT programs of the past have incorporated one or two exercises to meet their member’s high intensity needs. But with the trend continuing to rise, newer programs are bringing HIIT to a new level by enticing members with variety. Successful programs use several different exercises, with several pieces of equipment with a varying degree of work to rest intervals.

This type of training works the body’s different energy systems to provide more effective stimuli. HIIT training has been proven to burn more calories, more quickly than steady state cardio, and in many studies, has shown to increase the caloric burn even after the workout is www.s9sj.cnplete. Clients can get the additional benefit of performing strength exercises during a HIIT training, making their workout program a well-rounded routine. For strength oriented fitness buffs, it has the reverse benefit. It provides additional opportunities to include cardio for those who struggle to include within their daily routine. Some struggle with what can feel like the same drawn out cardio routine day after day. HIIT workouts are not only shorter than traditional cardio workouts but offer more variety and can have the same benefits as those longer cardio exercises.

There are many nuances to HIIT training that are often overlooked. Many people mistakenly believe that an exhausting training regimen means it is an effective one. It is important when establishing a HIIT program to find a credible source for information and training. For example the StairMaster HIIT program is based on science. Many programs offer a simple 1:1 work to rest ratio or no rest at all. The optimal work to rest ratio for the average person is 1:3. In the HIIT StairMaster program, rest intervals fluctuate to provide the most benefit to the client while also offering a good variety. A good base level HIIT workout should stick to an hour, including a warm up, skill work, the workout, and cool down/mobility.

A quality HIIT program should provide trainers with a solid foundation to build customizable HIIT workouts on. It must be able to tailor to the equipment trainers have on hand with the availability to provide workout structures that can be used to create an infinite number of exercises. Examples of workout structures that can be used within a program are: Work/Rest Intervals, Fixed Time, Fixed Work, and Every Minute on the Minute.

HIIT workouts appeal to most members because of the workout variety, www.s9sj.cnpetition against oneself and others, the feeling of being part of a team and obtaining results. These are the primary reasons that HIIT training is on the rise and should be incorporated in any quality program.

Facilities who have not yet incorporated HIIT programming should seriously consider it. It is exciting, engaging, and can be very rewarding to clients. When incorporating a HIIT program within a facility it is important to hire and educate quality trainers to teach the class. A good or bad trainer can make all the difference to the success of a new HIIT program within a facility. To keep things fresh for your trainers, limit the number of HIIT classes they teach within a day. Too many classes within the same day can bewww.s9sj.cne routine, losing the spark and excitement your members are looking for in a HIIT program.

This year HIIT training has only continued to grow in its popularity among facilities and members who are looking to be a part of the hottest fitness trends. While members are seeing real results from this new workout, gym owners are finding these action-packed classes are providing a good return for the facility. Providing a unique offering like a HIIT training program will help a facility differentiate themselves from the www.s9sj.cnpetition and boost their ROI. Additionally, a club can utilize unique HIIT products like the HIITMill X and BoxMaster in their programming to not only draw members in, but keep them www.s9sj.cning back for more.

One facility that has seen major success in implementing a HIIT program within their club is Edge Family Fitness in Wilsonville, OR. Their HIIT zone features many great StairMaster products like the HIITMill X, AirFits and BoxMaster which they can incorporate into their HIIT programs. They currently offer 5 different variations of their HIIT workout program named “Ultimate Workout”, and have classes available all 7 days of the week. “Since implementing the HIIT area inside Edge Family Fitness, the www.s9sj.cnmunity has gotten an amazing and unique group functional fitness program unlike any other in their www.s9sj.cnmunity,” explained Haris Akhtar, Territory Manager for Core Health & Fitness. “Members of Edge love the programming and training they receive from Carlos’ awesome team of instructors.”

For additional information on HIIT programming or information on how to implement a HIIT program within your facility, click here to contact a local fitness expert in your area.

About the Author

Jake Petersen is the Director of Products for Strength & High Intensity at Core Health & Fitness.? Also known as the “HIIT Ninja” Jake enjoys nothing more than creating new workouts that clients love to hate.

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