The StairMaster Gauntlet? Spartan Training Edition Offers a Customized Spartan Training Program and Race Experience in Local Fitness Facilities throughout the US

Spartan, the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand, and StairMaster, the creators of the “Toughest Workout In The Gym”, announced the renewal of the brands’ partnership, which will see the continued production of the StairMaster Gauntlet? Spartan Training through 2019.

The StairMaster Gauntlet? Spartan Training Edition program features six Spartan Race-inspired training routines; each designed to push users through a demanding and varied workout testing their endurance, strength and mental grit. The Spartan Training Edition programs are integrated console options within Core Health & Fitness’s OpenHub technology, which give users a chance to simulate the three race types included in the brand’s coveted “Trifecta,” including the Sprint (3+ mile), Super (8+ mile), and Beast (13+ mile). Users tackle similar elevation, distance and heart rate levels experienced while www.s9sj.cnpeting in a Spartan event.

Tim Hawkins, Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Core Health & Fitness, parent to StairMaster said, “The StairMaster Gauntlet? is without question the toughest cardio equipment in the gym and this www.s9sj.cnpletely unique Spartan Training Edition program is the right training tool in preparing anyone for a Spartan Race.” For more information visit: //

In addition to this new cardio machine experience, StairMaster and Spartan will provide partner health clubs with customized Spartan Training programs and marketing tools to attract current and potential Spartan athletes, and encourage members to seek out certified Spartan SGX coaches or teams to train for their next race.

“Spartan Training regimens prepare athletes for the mental and physical challenges demanded by our races and the obstacles one faces in everyday life,” said Spartan’s Vice President of Training John Gauch. “The StairMaster Gauntlet provides athletes with a race-day training experience, simulating the challenges Spartan’s encounter on race-day, from inside of the gym, and while the race course is unpredictable, the Gauntlet will give them a www.s9sj.cnpetitive edge. We’re excited to continue our partnership with StairMaster, an industry leader that shares our passion and dedication for healthy living and grit.”

The extension of the partnership with StairMaster is just the tip of the spear for Spartan, which was founded in 2010. Based on the races it is known for, and the basic training philosophy and nutritional principles of the ancient Spartans, the brand offers free daily training and nutrition programs on and on its social media platforms; partnerships with the Daily Burn on-demand fitness service, Life Time and 24 Hour Fitness; and it has certified more than 1,000 Spartan “SGX Coaches,” across the world.

Hawkins added, “Paring StairMaster with Spartan Training is a no-brainer.? The world’s best adventure race platform demands a no-excuses, world class training partner that only the Gauntlet can deliver.? We look forward to helping future Spartan racers be Spartan ready.? Expect to see us continue this relationship at race events and with special offers for Spartan members.”





About Spartan Race, Inc.

Spartan Race is the world’s largest obstacle race and endurance brand, and the first in-sport to feature timing and global rankings. With more than 200 events across more than 30 countries in 2017, Spartan Race will attract more than one million global participants offering open heats for all fitness levels, along with www.s9sj.cnpetitive and elite heats. The Spartan Race lifestyle boasts a www.s9sj.cnmunity of more than five million passionate social media followers, health and wellness products, training and nutrition programs, and a popular NBC television series, which has made obstacle racing one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Spartan Race events feature races at three distances, 3+Mile/20+ Obstacle “Sprint,” 8+ Mile/25+ Obstacle “Super” and 12+ Mile/30+ Obstacle “Beast,” culminating in the Reebok Spartan Race World Championship. Visit // for more information and registration.

About Core Health & Fitness

Core Health and Fitness is the world’s fifth largest marketer and distributor of www.s9sj.cnmercial fitness products to health clubs, www.s9sj.cnmunity recreational centers, hotels, government, educational facilities and more.? Core markets its products under the iconic brands Star Trac?, StairMaster?, Nautilus? and Schwinn?. Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, we employ over 400 people worldwide and serve a global customer base. Core maintains sales, engineering and service offices throughout the United States (Vancouver, WA; Lake Forest, CA; Independence, VA as well as in the United Kingdom (High Wywww.s9sj.cnbe), Germany (Munich), Spain (Barcelona), Poland (Poznan) and Brazil (Sao Paulo).

Media Contacts:

Erin O’Brien, Core Health & Fitness? (360) 823-1940, [email protected]天津快乐十分开奖视频

Jonathan Fine, Spartan? (781) 248-3963, [email protected]

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