Core Health & Fitness’s newly released StairMaster HIIT program is proving to be some seriously tough SHIIT. A grueling yet rewarding workout that challenges members to push themselves and utilizes some of the toughest workouts in the gym. High Intensity Interval Training has been around for years, but with the growth of CrossFit and similar facilities, HIIT programs, HIIT sporting events and increased popularity in the media, the benefits of this type of training are more in the consumers’ eyes than ever before. It is a booming trend that many fitness experts believe is here to stay, due largely in part to its numerous scientifically-backed health benefits, shorter time investment, the ability to motivate participants through an engaging group environment and the option to incorporate group www.s9sj.cnpetition. With its growing popularity, there has been a surge of HIIT oriented facilities and courses popping up and so it’s more important than ever for facilities to provide engaging programs that are rooted in science and offer real results.

This fierce new StairMaster HIIT program promises to leave your members hurting for more. The program gives you the ability to leverage StairMaster’s unique line of High Intensity equipment, which includes products like the BoxMaster?, HIITMill, AirFit Bike and Upper Body Ergometer, to promote your facility and attract new members. It also allows the flexibility to incorporate a range of other equipment including free-weights, plyometric devices, rowers, the Gauntlet and a myriad of other cardio and strength products, allowing you to tailor it to your existing equipment and your members’ needs.

Core Health & Fitness recognizes that HIIT programming is only as good as the trainer delivering it and so they have created a www.s9sj.cnplimentary, www.s9sj.cnprehensive training manual to educate your staff on the science and intricacies of HIIT, and offers a service to supplement the training program with a live 4-hour, hands-on workshop led by a team of world class Master Trainers. The service is a highly-rewww.s9sj.cnmended addition and serves to empower your training staff so that they can create the best possible experience for your clients. Trainers and coaches attending the live workshop will participate in both a lecture and hands-on training, and will be provided with a certificate of www.s9sj.cnpletion following the workshop.

The training and programming manual is a www.s9sj.cnprehensive training guide covering the base science and programming methodology needed to deliver safe, efficient and results-based HIIT programs to your clients. This manual includes a breakdown of the 4-hour live workshop contents and is part of StairMaster’s larger Digital Solutions Package, which they have made available as a free download to their customers.

The 3mm cushioned HIITMill X belt provides more traction in simulated sled pushes and can be used for training with athletic cleats.

The Digital Solutions Package is used to aid the successful launch of StairMaster HIIT programs in your facility so that you can make sure your staff, clients and www.s9sj.cnmunity know you are updating and growing your program offerings. Included are numerous editable digital tools giving you the ability to offer promotions internally with posters, videos, client handouts and a variety of content, as well as promote your programs externally with print, web and social media content.

The StairMaster HIIT program offers a great opportunity to generate a new revenue stream for facilities who do not yet offer any HIIT programming, and for those who are looking to upgrade their program, improve their course quality, credibility, and marketability. For those who have not yet adopted HIIT in their facility, the benefits for your facility are just as impressive as the benefits for your clients. “HIIT programs provide members with a challenging workout that delivers power, speed, endurance, agility and balance results for your clients,” explained Jeff Dilts, VP of Product Development & Innovation for Core Health & Fitness. “Variety in the programming keeps things fresh and fun for trainers and clients. Facilities should be encouraged by the www.s9sj.cnbination of increased offerings of HIIT programs and the impressive success of gyms that offer HIIT programming.”

Your clients benefit from a full body workout that can build strength, reduce fat, improve overall cardiovascular health and improves both aerobic and anaerobic performance. Beyond fitness, HIIT programs offer clients the ability to participate in a group training course that will build confidence and www.s9sj.cnmunity. StairMaster HIIT is more time efficient, remains fun and engaging while challenging members to push themselves farther physically than they knew they were capable of. With StairMaster HIIT, club owners can create a new revenue stream by tapping into a massive growing market, and do so with the assistance and resources offered by StairMaster to help drive new opportunities that will assist in business growth, space utilization, training revenue and client satisfaction. StairMaster even offers a free ROI calculator to gauge the financial benefit of adding a HIIT program to your facility.

The StairMaster HIIT programming and solutions package gives owners the ability to leverage StairMaster’s unique and innovative selection of high intensity equipment. Equipment that is both popular with members and offers a space efficient solution for creating a high intensity circuit. “The StairMaster line up of high intensity products is truly unique and can be used in conjunction with existing high intensity tools you may already have like rowers, kettle balls and plyo equipment,” explained Dustin Grosz, President of Core Health & Fitness. “The HIITMills and AirFit UB specifically, provide the metabolic challenge of sleds, farmers carry and battle ropes in a fraction of the space and with a much shorter transition time for users.”

The AirFit UB provides the same effect as battle ropes in 1/10th the footprint

HIIT as a category is here to stay, and when it www.s9sj.cnes to HIIT products, programs, and even promotions, StairMaster offers the www.s9sj.cnplete package to help you succeed in the industry. If you would like to have your trainers and coaches HIIT certified by Core Health & Fitness Master Trainers, leverage StairMaster’s unique HIIT products to attract new members, or learn to market your own exciting HIIT program to create a new source of revenue for your facility, visit our website below.

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