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Parks and Recreation departments and local Municipalities provide diverse year-round fitness opportunities for their neighbors. These facilities address the unique social, physical and cultural needs of the citizens of their www.s9sj.cnmunities. We understand that every Parks district and municipality must provide the best possible solution for its budget while exceeding its guests’ expectations. Core Health & Fitness cardio and strength equipment is intuitive, user-friendly and loaded with safety features, while rugged enough to stand continuous daily use.

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“We are in the process of renovating our Fitness Area at the Middleburg Hts. www.s9sj.cnmunity Center and have used the experience and advice from Kelly Naylor and Katie Easterday from Core Health & Fitness to help us purchase equipment that suits our needs. They are extremely professional and informative and I trust them to provide us quality products and service.” – Steve Dockman, Middleburg Heights www.s9sj.cnmunity Center

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