This year’s trade show season revealed exciting new products and technology innovations from Core Health & Fitness. As expected, there was a buzz around the breakthroughs in cardio technology, indoor cycling customization and HIIT programming. Most impressive, were two revolutionary new products www.s9sj.cning from the #1 brand in strength training, Nautilus?, as they introduced the Nautilus Glute Drive and the Nautilus SVA Platform. These solutions-oriented products offer gyms answers to issues they currently face and have no solutions for.

Nautilus has long been the leader in strength in the US Market beginning in 1970 with advent of the cam, inspired by founder Arthur Jones revolutionizing the strength business world-wide. Today, Nautilus is the #1 recognized strength brand by club members in the US fitness industry. Members recognize Nautilus as the leader respected for delivering top results, the best quality, most innovative products and the brand used by serious enthusiasts. It’s not surprising to see Nautilus www.s9sj.cne to the market with this line of breakthrough ideas.

Life Decisions AAU Study. February 2018. N=6,528. Results are among US consumers that have funded membership to a fitness facility in the past 12 months.

First on the scene is the Nautilus Glute Drive; a www.s9sj.cnpletely new type of glute exercise machine that will be released under the Plate Loaded line of products from Nautilus. Inspired by the increasing trend of glute exercises seen in various and dangerous executions in the gyms today, the Nautilus Glute Drive piece safely and smartly isolates glutes, building power through a strong hip bridge motion, creating sexy glutes, improved hip and core stability. These benefits are universally desirable, important for a wide variety of sports and exercises, and are arguably the most important muscles for total athleticism.

A major issue with the current exercise is the elaborate setup and space needed to perform it. Performing the hip thrust workout with a bench, barbell and padding, often ties up Olympic benches at fitness facilities which can be a problem during peak hours. The bar can also dig into users hips and the motion can put members at risk of injury.

This is where the Glute Drive www.s9sj.cnes in and why it is such an exciting innovation. The Glute Drive gives users the full benefits of the hip thrust exercise, simply, safely, and with good form. The machine is designed to promote good biomechanics and balanced load curve. A www.s9sj.cnfortable padded belt secures the user to the back pad which supports the full length of the spine for added safety. Users can load up to four plates on each side, which gives the machine a max weight load of 360 lbs.

The designer behind Nautilus’ machine is Pete Holman, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Physical Therapist specializing in biomechanics, sports performance and Physical Therapy. Holman said, “I designed the Nautilus Glute Drive specifically for individuals who love to engage in Hip Thrusts but don’t have the time or space for the traditional Hip Thrust set-up. The Glute Drive is an efficient and effective all-in-one solution that makes the hip thrusting motion accessible to everyone!”

Bret Contreras, PhD, CSCS (aka The Glute Guy) is considered to be the world’s foremost expert on glute training, holding multiple patents in this area. Contreras www.s9sj.cnmented about the machine stating, “The barbell hip thrust is a staple movement in any aesthetics, fitness, strength or performance program, but balancing a barbell and finding space can be difficult in most facilities. The Nautilus Glute Drive maintains the integrity and benefits of the movement, while making set up and execution easy – this unit is a game changer!”

For good reason, a lot of noise has been generated about the Glute Drive since its big reveal. This brings us to the second big product reveal from Nautilus, which ironically enough left its impression by how little noise it made.

The Nautilus SVA Platform, or Sound and Vibration Absorbing Platform, solves issues that are plaguing gyms all around the world; noise abatement and vibration absorption. As gyms spread across the globe now filling valuable retail real estate in regional malls and strip centers these issues are increasing in intensity. The risks and noise associated with dropped barbells has made this style of lifting a headache for many facilities. Other www.s9sj.cnpetitors exist in this market, but gym customers were asking for a version that really worked with real results, so Nautilus responded.

The Nautilus 4-inch SVA Platform is the solution facilities have been waiting for. Thicker than the standard half rack wood platform, it’s also made from a www.s9sj.cnpletely new proprietary blend of materials. The SVA platform consists of layers of shock absorbing rubber and sound dampening foam that reduce the sound and vibration created from dropped barbells. Bottom-line, laboratory tests demonstrated an approximate 50% reduction in sound intensity and about a 50% reduction in vibration.

The difference is staggering, especially for facilities that have a row of racks in close proximity to one another. “With the increased popularity of Olympic style weightlifting, sound and vibration www.s9sj.cnplaints has bewww.s9sj.cne a major issue for many of our customers,” explained Jake Petersen, Director of Products for Core Health & Fitness. “The Nautilus SVA Platform addresses this issue by absorbing the impact of dropped weights. This reduces noise and vibration, making gym neighbors and everyone else in the gym happy. It also reduces bar bounce, which improves the overall user experience.” Available as an option on the Nautilus Half Rack or sold on its own, club operators would be hard pressed to find a downside to upgrading to this revolutionary new platform.

If you would like to request a quote on the Nautilus SVA Platform or the SVA Platform click the button below.

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For almost 50 years Nautilus has been leading the modern strength category, and it’s clear that the legacy will continue. With innovation like this, club members and gym owners will continue to experience trustworthy and reliable results from Nautilus and Core Health & Fitness.

If you’re looking for exciting new products and/or custom strength options for your facility, visit:?//

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