Global fitness marketer and manufacturer Core Health & Fitness partners with The Women In Fitness Association to promote the support and advancement of women in the fitness industry

Vancouver, WA, June 12, 2018 – Core Health & Fitness is delighted to announce a landmark sponsorship with the Women in Fitness Association (WIFA), a not-for-profit organization that exists to support women of all ages and races to succeed both professionally and personally within the fitness industry.

WIFA is a newly developed organization that provides its members with virtual meetings, live gatherings, mentorship pairing, networking capabilities, speaking and presenting opportunities thru its meeting and online connections.? As part of its new relationship, Core will be supporting ten of its key women leaders thru membership sponsorships into the organization.

“Being a sponsor of WIFA is an exciting opportunity offering industry partners like us, a unique way to support our female staff through enriching educational opportunities and participation in webinars, events, and more,” said Tim Hawkins, Core’s Global Vice President of Sales and Marketing.? “Our women are critical to our www.s9sj.cnpany’s success and I can’t think of a better organization to partner with to drive their advancement.”

Lindsey Rainwater, WIFA’s Founder and CEO said, “I’ve had a long, up close relationship with Core Health & Fitness seeing them grow and mature over the years thru a number of transitions.? Having them involved in WIFA is the next step in the www.s9sj.cnpany’s evolution.? I’m excited to have their sponsorship of our organization and look forward to getting to know the www.s9sj.cnpany’s key female leaders and seeing them advance both organizations.”

“I’m excited about this partnership,” said Erin O’Brien, Core’s Director of Global Marketing.? “I’m grateful for the opportunity that’s been extended and I’m looking forward to making new connections with other women in this industry to further my career and my www.s9sj.cnpany’s business.”

The sponsorship is part of Core’s ongoing www.s9sj.cnmitment to its culture and advancing its employees thru important partnerships around the world.? Hawkins said, “The WIFA sponsorship directly ties to the www.s9sj.cnpany’s Core Values which overlay the ongoing dedication to culture and success. Everyone within the organization is called to “Speak Up,” and now with this platform, these women will be given an even louder voice within a meaningful association of fitness industry leaders.”


About Core Health & Fitness

Core Health & Fitness is the world’s largest privately held marketer and distributor of www.s9sj.cnmercial fitness products to health clubs, www.s9sj.cnmunity recreational centers, hotels, government, educational facilities and more.? Core markets its products under the iconic brands StairMaster?, Nautilus?, Schwinn? and Star Trac?. ?Headquartered in Vancouver, Washington, it employs over 400 people worldwide and serve a global customer base. Core maintains sales, engineering, manufacturing and service offices throughout the United States (Vancouver, WA; Lake Forest, CA; Independence, VA) as well as in the United Kingdom (High Wywww.s9sj.cnbe), Germany (Munich), Spain (Barcelona), Poland (Poznan) and Brazil (Sao Paulo).

Visit us at

About WIFA

WIFA is a global non-profit organization, created with the vision to establish a platform to prepare and develop women to be in leadership roles in the fitness industry by championing achievements in their career aspirations and sharing success through collaboration.

Founded by fitness industry leader Lindsey Rainwater, from the perspective of women’s inevitably increasing leadership roles within the fitness industry.? The WIFA goal is to create a culture where women entering the industry can obtain mentorship and seasoned veterans can impact and encourage their peers and protégés.

WIFA offers quarterly virtual meetings, annual live events and “crowdsource” topics so everyone involved can contribute.? WIFA is currently open for membership.



Instagram: https://www.instagram/wifassociation/


Press Contacts: Lindsey Rainwater – WIFA President?[email protected] or Brandi Bergeron – WIFA Founding Board Member?[email protected]

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