Employee Testimonials

"www.s9sj.cning to work at Core Health & Fitness feels like home away from home. Our environment here at Core H&F is more than a typical day to day job that you may have. We are all focused on the same goals but the difference www.s9sj.cnes with having the www.s9sj.cnmunication, support, and training in order to achieve our goals. Our employees are eager to get the job done and at the same time have fun doing it. There are many places you can choose to work but only Core H&F can offer the incentives, rewards and recognition that keep you encouraged to perform, and challenge yourself to do even better. Core H&F takes much pride in assuring that we as employees are treated fairly and respectfully. On top of that, our HR department puts in much effort and time to coordinate exciting and memorable moments such as events at work, family picnics, group gatherings, and holiday parties.”

Angelina H. | Leasing Administrator | Lake Forest, CA

Employee Testimonials

“I thoroughly enjoy working for Core H&F. Their global presence presents many opportunities for learning and career growth. The “can do” attitude and strong work ethic of the team is contagious. What I like most about working for Core H&F is the constant, passionate pursuit of excellence which drives me to do my best and push the limits of what I think I am capable of.”

Chris W. | Continuous Improvement Manager | Independence, VA

Employee Testimonials

"I love this www.s9sj.cnpany, I owe this www.s9sj.cnpany so much that I try to do whatever I can to improve and make it better each and every day. I started in an entry level role and worked my way up. Thanks to our management team we have been improving in every way. I think our www.s9sj.cnpany’s success is attributed to the fact that our employees put 100% effort in every task they www.s9sj.cnplete. There are so many good things to say about Core Health & Fitness but I have to run now and continue to make a difference in the www.s9sj.cnpany!"

Jesus H. | Assembly Supervisor | Redlands, CA

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